What is the actual meaning of these lines and what time (Past/Present/Future) it indicates?

These lines have been taken from Shakira’s Whenever, Wherever song lyric, “Never could imagine there were only Ten million ways to love somebody”. Thanks in Advance. Answer The singer says that she could never imagine that there were only ten million ways to love someone. “Could” shows that the sentence is in past tense (past … Read more

What is the meaning of ‘lean all in my bladder’?

This verse comes from the song ‘Old town roads’ and I’ve never heard it before, can’t find a definition/explanation online either. Thank you ! Answer Assuming Genus Lyrics’ “Verified Artist” icon is correct, the actual author, Lil Nas X, has commentary on this line ARTIST Lil Nas X 5,977 3 months ago This second verse … Read more

Meaning of “Can you come through?”

Here are some lyrics from the song “comethru” by Jeremy Zucker I might lose my mind Waking when the sun’s down Riding all these highs Waiting for the comedown Walk these streets with me I’m doing decently Just glad that I can breathe, yeah I’m trying to realize It’s alright to not be fine on … Read more

Why did Ylvis use “go” instead of “say” in phrases like “Dog goes ‘woof'”?

Why did Ylvis use the verb “go” instead of “say” in their 2013 pop song “What Does the Fox Say?” Dog goes “woof.” Cat goes “meow.” Bird goes “tweet.” Is there some specific meaning for “go”? Answer “Say” applies to speech, and dogs, cats and birds can’t speak. Which means “say” is the wrong word. … Read more

How do you “leave all the beefin’ to 50”?

How does someone “leave all the beefin’ to 50”? Context From the latest song by Richard Colson Baker “Rap Devil” Let’s leave all the beefin’ to 50 (please) Em, you’re pushin’ 50 You can find a video of the song here. Answer From reading the lyrics in your link, the rapper seems to be talking … Read more

Using Past tense words

This is a chorus of a song called “Exercises in Futility VI” by a band called Mgła. Self crucified – missed the right tree. Tore the wrong eye out. The hissing of hellfire. Self crucified – missed the right tree. For this I’ve gained a victory. I burn as I ought to. As we see, … Read more

The reason… is you?

In Hoobastank‘s The Reason, a lyric is And the Reason is you… Is that sentence (grammatically) correct? I’m asking because, you know… You are the reason. Specifically, should “is” in the quote agree instead with “you” (i.e. “the reason are you”)? Answered. Answer Yes, the use of “is” in this quotation is grammatically correct. Compare … Read more