How do I say that an infection was transmitted to me by droplet contact without sounding weird?

There’s a list of ways an infection can be transmitted from one person to another: I can say, “This infection was transmitted to me sexually”. In the same way I wish I could say, “This infection was transmitted to me dropletly (or airbornely)”, but obviously that’s not proper English. What is the proper way … Read more

Is there a word for the condition of being infested with ticks?

Is there a word or term for the state of a human or animal infested with ticks? Mainly just curious. Examples: He’s suffering from ______. Don’t get near him: he has _____. Answer Ectoparasitism TFD is the medical term: the state in which the ectoparasite [ticks, lice] are living on the surface of the host’s … Read more

Hypernym for “pertaining to (body part)”?

What is a hypernym for the adjectives which describe various body parts or systems? For example: eyes : ocular lungs : pulmonary ears : aural How would I best phrase asking for such words, for example, if I wanted to know the equivalent word for the skin? (just an example, please don’t respond with “cutaneous”). … Read more

Why is the word ‘resuscitation’ preferred over ‘revival’ or ‘resurrection’ in medical contexts?

this has been boggling me for a long time now. I never heard of what doctors do in intensive care as ‘revival’, ‘bringing up the dead’ or something else. If medical staff of any kind is involved, it will always be ‘resuscitate’. I have tried to consult the AMA Manual of Style, but their sign-up … Read more

Word for data/information from medical scanner

I need a word for "information from a scanning as it appears in the image used for diagnostics". My context is medical (physics). SPECT and CT are two scanning techniques with different information that is combined into one image: "The SPECT information is classified into five classes and matched to the CT image" "In the … Read more

Is there a term for a disease that is spread ONLY from person to person?

I’m looking for a term to describe a disease that is spread ONLY from person to person, not from animal to person (zoonosis): Zoonosis: any disease of animals communicable to humans ( My first thought was infectious disease, but this has too broad a definition; it encompasses both zoonotic diseases and (for lack of a … Read more

The meaning of the word “hemophilia”

In medical terminology, words are often combined of Greek and Latin roots and affixes. And we can recognize the meaning of a word by knowing the meaning of the prefix, the root and the suffix. The word “hemophilia” consists of a prefix ” hemo-” meaning “blood” and a suffix “-philia” meaning ” attraction to”. Thus … Read more

What do you call treatments which needs to go on for life for a person and there is no permanent cure for it in medical science

Something like diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid etc which don’t have a cure and medicine has to be taken throughout life. Answer These are chronic illnesses or conditions. From Cambridge Dictionaries: (of an illness) persisting for a long time or constantly recurring: ‘chronic bronchitis’ Often contrasted with acute 1.1 (of a person) having a chronic illness: … Read more