Punctuating a question containing a quotation that itself contains a question, in MLA format

My literature teacher was explaining punctuation and its relation to quotations when writing a paper according to MLA guidelines and I thought of a question that he didn’t have an answer to. I figured this Stack would be an appropriate place to try. If I’m asking a question that ends in a short quotation, how … Read more

Citing Multiple paragraphs MLA

Had a quick question about how I should cite with multiple paragraphs (MLA). Here is how the text appears in the source (The Great Gatsby): ‘An Oxford man!’ He was incredulous. ‘Like hell he is! He wears a pink suit.’ ‘Nevertheless he’s an Oxford man.’ ‘Oxford, New Mexico,’ snorted Tom contemptuously, ‘or something like that’. … Read more

What is this style of quoting called?

I have seen this method of quoting a source. It is often used in books and research essays, but I am unaware what it called, or if it is legal in the MLA or APA writing format. I have some screenshots to demonstrate it. The first uses text from The Wheel of Fire: Interpretations of … Read more

Which date for the works cited page?

I am using MLA 7th edition. I am citing an article published April 10th and edited April 12th. Which date should I cite? Thank you! Answer With an electronic source, the purpose of providing "Date Accessed" is to avoid confusion in articles that might be edited in an ongoing fashion. As long as you provide … Read more

Is this citation proper MLA?

I am using a source for a paper and this was the MLA citation given at the end of the source. Yet, I don’t think that it is actually MLA. Shouldn’t the format be Last Name, First Name so on…. Here it is Robert Bennett, in an essay for Novels for Students, Gale, 1997. Thanks! … Read more