How to quote a book that has a quote in the text that I’m quoting?

I’m trying to quote this in my paper: despite the universal desire to return to “normal,” things changed How would I quote this in MLA? Would I substitute the double quotations for single, or use double quotes for everything? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Answer According to MLA guidelines: “Use single quotation marks to … Read more

Ibid source citing source

I have a source (source A) citing source B and source C in the next citation number. I want to cite both B and C. So obviously, I should cite A, B, and C. how should I do this? Source B (citing Source A pp. 334) Source C (citing Source A pp. 345) OR Source … Read more

One argument, multiple paragraphs?

How do I structurally split up an argument into multiple paragraphs? Let’s say I’m using two texts as evidence for one argument, and I want to devote one paragraph to each text. What would the introductory and concluding sentences of my body paragraphs look like? How would I connect the first paragraph to the second? … Read more

Does MLA require intext citations to include author’s last name if you introduced his name earlier in your work?

I’m a bit unsure if I can go about excluding author last names in citations for a paper I’ve been writing. I have to compare two characters from different stories in the same anthology. I have quotes from the two stories throughout the work, but introduce the authors+characters at the beginning of the essay. I … Read more