Until + lack of something

Long-time listener, first-time caller. I have a bit of a problem sorting out my sentence and I can’t find anything definitive online, so I thought I’d try my luck here. Which of these two is correct? The action will be repeated until there are not enough items for another version. The action will be repeated … Read more

Is this a double negation: “doesn’t exist for neither X nor Y”

I’m having doubts about how to best put this in English, I’m torn between 3 options. Which of them are legal, and which is stylistically the best? I want to convey that a solution does not exist for A and it does not exist for B (in logic gates terms NOR) A solution does not … Read more

Can no doubt be used with another negative word

I have read many examples of the phrase "no doubt". And I have observed that when this phrase is used other negative words like "never, not, nothing" are not used in the sentence like: No doubt he is the hero of the day. Am I right? Or could we say something like: No doubt not … Read more

Double negative

"He committed the crime on NO account." You don’t need "not" in this sentence because of "on No account". But what about this: "You should not sign the contract on NO account"?(This is supposed to mean "You must NOT sign the contract) Q1. Why do you need "not" in here while you already have "on … Read more

Can “nor” follow a positive phrase?

A Guardian article, entitled "What are the Conservatives conserving?", includes the following sentence: Alas, we have seen nor heard nothing for a month from test-and-trace mastermind Dido Harding, who is assumed to be living under this administration’s vast Shitness Protection Programme. What perplexes me is the construct of we have seen nor heard nothing. There … Read more

Why were some English phrases written in double negatives when the speaker actually wants to express a single negative?

For example, I just saw this phrase on social media: The way 2020 going, I ain’t buyin’ no PS5. I mean, in this instance, I can ultimately see that what the poster actually mean is that "I ain’t buyin’ any PS5". But I actually saw many instances of phrases like this in the past that’s … Read more

Negation of a Negative Statement

My understanding that negating a negation is proof. like: They are not uncooperative = They are cooperative. I understand that the use of the negative statement could slightly change the meaning or give more info, but in the end, they have the same major meaning. Now, sometimes I see this is not the case. for … Read more