How to use “get to” and “got to”?

This question is related to these two posts (please read those answers too): "Get to do something" What is difference between GOT TO and HAVE TO For example: “I got to spend time with my wife.” Does that sentence mean “I had the opportunity of spending time with my wife.”? Or does it mean “Now … Read more

What’s wrong with saying “he has his mind in the right mindset?”

My friend says its gramatically incorrect, what do you guys think? Answer For informal speech, this phrase is okay. For formal speech, or for something written, such as a persuasive letter or a term paper, it would be better to avoid combining “mind” and “mindset” in close proximity. The awkwardness would be kind of like … Read more

Is this correct in American English: It has helped me developed

I’ve come across a brief overview about a Canadian sales representative that says : I grew-up in a family business specializing in short-term rental accommodations. Our resort, Tyrolean Village Resorts, was built by my father and uncle in the 1960’s and is now managed by my brother and I. This unique experience has helped me … Read more

Why do U.S. Americans say “a good value” (using indefinite article “a”)

Take this example from the Airbnb website: “What would have made this listing a better value?” This souds absolutely horrible and incorrect to my Australian ears (I would omit the “a”). I’ve also noticed this quite frequently watching Youtube videos with presenters from USA and Canada. In the only related question I found, respondees (presumably … Read more

Expressing “with a higher variance” as an adjective

Is it possible to express has a higher variance in the sentence Dataset A has a higher variance than dataset B as an adjective? Would Dataset A is more variable than dataset B be the right choice? Answer The common way of saying this is to use the word variant: 1 : manifesting variety, deviation, … Read more

What is a small tent kind of shop on the side of the road called?

What is a small tent kind of shop on the side of the road called? It can sell stuff like newspapers, snacks, coffee, and other small things. The only two things that come to mind are “a hot dog stand” and “street vendor” (though the latter is the person). So, I was wondering what other … Read more

question about meaning of `off-service`

There is a sentence in an article which says : “Workers are hard-pressed to finish work during a tight off-service window”. Can anyone explain my questions : 1. does *tight off-service* mean *tight schedule* 2. why there is a – between *hard-pressed* and *off-service*. Any comments are welcomed. Thanks Answer An “off-service window” sounds similar … Read more

Young native-speaking males emphasizing deep voices

Recently a possibly new speech pattern has come to my attention and I am wondering whether it is genuine or whether I am mistaken. It is young, male native speakers emphasizing a deep, “rough” voice. I’ve heard e.g. Americans and Australians do this, it can sound quite a bit forced and not genuinely “hulkish” (like … Read more

How infrequent is “a non-zero chance”?

I misinterpreted the expression “a non-zero chance” as an emphatic way to stress that there was no possibility or likelihood of something happening. there is a non-zero chance that they will pay attention to some of the responses… there is a non-zero chance that the feedback may matter. The author explained NB: …the chance of … Read more