Prepositional phrases on the internet

Is there any online dictionary or database of prepositional phrases? What I would like is to enter e. g. “justification” and it would give me: “justification to somebody”, “justification of something”, and other possibilities (optionally with description of the meaning of each phrase). I found this website This is almost what I want, but … Read more

Archaic text suggestions

I’m interested in learning Archaic English. As a starting point, I guess simple texts that are easy to comprehend would be a good choice. I would appreciate any suggestions. Answer There really isn’t any “language” called Archaic English. Do you mean Old English? If so, there are textbooks for studying that. Look for books on … Read more

How to pronounce family names?

Does anyone know a tool to look up names like Rumbaugh? Sometimes I hear something like “rumba” or even “rambo”. Is there a dictionary where I could look up the correct pronunciation? Answer One major issue with family names is that they can be pronounced however the family decides. Some pronounce the names as they … Read more

Modern replacement for checking frequency tables?

What is the most up-to-date, robust, and reliable way to check verb (or other POS) frequencies in current usage? Is there any hope of an algorithm involving counting Google hits and dividing by some benchmark number (say 1,000,000,000,000) or is that so error-prone as to be out of the question? (Any help with tags would … Read more

Is there an online sample sentence database or search engine?

Sometime, I am not sure if I use a specific word correctly. I would like to get some sample sentences to learn from. So, is there a online sample sentence database/search engine? Answer You could try using a corpus. For example, a search for copper in the British National Corpus returns 50 random sentences — … Read more