Why is the Turkish president’s surname is spelt in English as Erdogan, with g?

I recently got puzzled as to why American journalists spell the surname of the current Turkish president in articles written in English as Erdogan, with g (see, e.g., this article in New York Times). We spell his surname as エルドアン, which does not include the g sound. In the original language, Turkish, his surname is … Read more

Pre-requisite vs prerequisite

Looking up this on English exchange I couldn’t seem to find a single source of truth: Instance 1 – "Prerequisite" in search: "Prerequisite for" vs. "prerequisite to" Instance 2 – "Pre-requisite" in search: Single word for "This task cannot proceed until these other tasks are completed first"? I suppose it’s a bit of a broader … Read more

Verb for action; “Actioning”

I am currently writing an email to office management. I am asking for office management to action a fix. I want to ask them in a polite manner. The sentence I have: “Please consider actioning a fix.” “actioning” is highlighted. I want to use professionally articulated grammar and spelling. a) How would I ask them … Read more

spatio or spatial

Searching the Google scholar, “spatio-temporal” returnn 778,000 hits, “spatial-temporal” returns 798,000 hits, “spatial-temporal scales” returns 3,620 hits, “spatio-temporal scales” returns 13,200 hits. Interestingly, one journal named “spatial and spatio-temporal epidemiology“ The office word spell checking (US-EN) prefer “spatial-temporal”, so I think “spatial-” is used in American English and “spatio-” is used in non-American English. Answer … Read more

What did Colbert mean by “bedude form”?

In his most recent monologue on The Late Show, the comedian host Stephen Colbert, gently mocked a New York Times reporter’s style of writing (watch the excerpt on YouTube) “500 words” she whispered, her silken robe sliding to the floor as the morning sun hit her bedude form. I think that’s how the word “bedude” … Read more

Orthograpy of /æ/ in unstressed syllables

Some words like: magnificent /mæɡˈnɪfəsənt/, anesthesia /ˌæn.əs.ˈθi.ʒə/, acrobat /ˈæk.ɹo.bæt/ accidentally /ˌæksəˈdɛnt(ə)li/, aluminium /ˌæl(j)uˈmɪn.j.əm/, satisfaction /sætɪsˈfækʃən/ have an /æ/ vowel in an unstressed position. The unstressed æ can come before or after the primary stress, is spelled with an “a”, does not need to be directly before or after the stressed syllable (as in satisfaction). Is … Read more

Full-stack vs Full Stack, Back-end vs Back end, Front-end vs Front end

Software Developers use the dash interchangeably for these terms. Front-end meaning one works on the “Front End” of an application (e.g. HTML), Back-end meaning one works on the “Back End” of an application (e.g. PHP), and Full-stack meaning all of the above. Is there a proper spelling of these terms? Or does it matter? Answer … Read more