Is there an English word to describe when a sound “protrudes”?

I was going to go with “protrude” but I’m getting told it is not used in this sense and it wouldn’t be understood. It’s to describe the situation where the TV is on but you are doing something else and not paying attention, so the sound is like a white noise to you. Then there … Read more

Is there a context-free concise construction for “pertinently different from, without being mutually exclusive”?

Is there a tidy way to represent the meaning of the following? A differs from B (in some substantive/relevant way), even though they do share non-trivial similarities. Answer There’s not going to be one word for this, but here’s a shorter version: Despite similarities, A and B differ substantively. Be sure you mean substantive (meaningful) … Read more

An equivalent verb/idiom for “taping pieces together with saliva”

Is there a verb in English for "connecting heterogeneous pieces together in a fast and careless way to build something" to be used against "careful and systematic construction and integration of parts"? In my mother tongue, we have an idiom that roughly translates to "sticking/taping pieces together with saliva" and is used in a negative … Read more

What would you call it if you want to convert the simple binding of a book to the form shown in the picture?

What would you call it if you want to convert the simple binding of a book to the form is shown in the picture? What is verb of doing this? And what is the name of these rings? Answer These kinds of notebooks are called "spiral-bound" notebooks. Here, spiral-bound is an adjective describing the notebook. … Read more

Do we say “someone rang the doorbell” for the machine that monitors people entering a building?

I live in an apartment of a building and when my friend visits me, they can not get into the building unless they press my apartment number on a system placed in the front of the building. There is another piece of equipment with a screen installed in my house. And when visitors press my … Read more

Is it correct to say “She is a bad role model for her children”?

A woman eats a lot of junk food and her children copy her eating junk food too. What is the opposite of "role model"? Can we say "She is a bad role model for her children"? I found this in the dictionary a bad/rotten apple: ​one bad person who has a bad effect on others … Read more

A Word for someone who has a high tolerance for doing menial, monotonous tasks?

A Word for someone who has a high tolerance or skill in doing menial, monotonous, or repetitive, low education requiring tasks? Answer In some contexts, you could say trooper: "She’s been sorting through those papers for three days now. She’s such a trooper." AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Germania , Answer Author : … Read more