What does Middle English “bihiȝten” mean?

What does Middle English “bihiȝten” mean? Wycliffe’s Bible (page 87) Mk.14:11 Studylight: “And thei herden, and ioyeden, and bihiyten to yyue hym money. And he souyt hou he schulde bitraye hym couenabli.” King James Bible: “…And when they heard it, they were glad, and promised to give him money. And he sought how he might … Read more

In 1395, why was “her” used instead of “their”?

Why was “her” used here? Wycliffe Bible Mk.1:20 In accordance with studylight.org: “…brother, in a boot makynge nettis. 20 And anoon he clepide hem; and thei leften Zebedee, her fadir, in the boot with hiryd seruauntis, and thei suweden hym. And thei entriden” I think, that “their” should be used instead. Answer In Middle English, … Read more

Meaning of Log [long] Life from 1564?

I was reading 16th century texts with early descriptions of the Americas for a poem I am writing and came across this delightful, yet quite cryptic and arcane phrase: "log life" but this Mappe of the discripcio of terra florida in america, haue reioysed me, there the gold &; precious stones, and Balmes are so … Read more