“Given” versus “Given that”

I just received a proofread version of an academic manuscript from my copy editor. She essentially changed all of the instances in which I had written “given that” to “given.” I’ve tried to read up on the distinction, but I am getting contradictory information. From a reading-aloud perspective, it just does not sound right to … Read more

Why is it called a Blood Knot?

In fishing, there’s a knot called “Blood Knot”. Wikipedia cites The Ashley Book of Knots: The barrel knot, called blood knot by Keith Rollo, is the best bend there is for small, stiff or slippery line. The ends may be trimmed short and the knot offers the least resistance possible when drawn through water. But … Read more

What is the meaning of “whin”?

I am reading the book “1100 words you need to know” and I face with a strange sentence: “A little drummer boy grinned in me face whin I had admonished him wid the buckle av my belt for riotin’ all over the place.” Also, I have another problem with some words such as “wid” and … Read more

“High and fine”: is it American slang?

I heard someone describing another as “a high and fine person”. I couldn’t find this phrase online. It is certainly not high and dry as it doesn’t fit the context of their conversation. I wonder if it is American slang and what is the meaning of it? My guess on high and fine is a … Read more

“Subject Matter Expert”

In the term “Subject Matter Expert” (SME), what does the qualifier “Subject Matter” mean? Are there experts without subject matter (other than perhaps Irwin Corey, the “World’s Foremost Authority”) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subject-matter_expert Answer But I totally see his point All experts are only expert in their subject matter. it is kind of understood, and implied. So it … Read more

where I believe that she has met with considerable success

I’d like to ask about the sentence below, from the Copper Beeches by Conan Doyle. She is now the head of a private school at Walsall, where I believe that she has met with considerable success. I’d like to confirm that with this sentence, should readers always take as.. A: She met with considerable success … Read more

What does “should be borne in mind” mean?

When searching borne online, its meaning says past of bear. When reading a paper, it states: “These findings should be borne in mind by designers”. Contextually it sounds like designers should keep it in mind, but is there a different meaning or emphasis that this phrasing creates? Answer The past participle implies that the action, … Read more

Nobody’s idea of

“Yet the Tories have gambled, choosing a populist leader who is nobody’s idea of a safe pair of hands.” What does it mean by saying “nobody’s idea of sth?” Answer Consider the opposite: Dr. X is everybody‘s idea of a safe pair of hands Consider a group of people and each has an idea, or … Read more