Implied connotations of “I hope you will show a tiny amount of good behavior”

Consider the following situation: Bob is planning to visit Smiths. Alice says to Bob: I hope you will show at least a tiny amount of good behavior there. (1) In my language (Ukrainian), when Alice says to Bob, I hope you behave well there has a connotation that Alice is almost sure that Bob will … Read more

Is “Can I help you” a suitable expression for offering help to a stranger?

A friend of mine, who is local to Japan, noticed someone from abroad with a folding map who looked lost, and would like to know whether or not she could say “Can I help you?”. She had overheard the expression “Can I help you?” while inside stores, but she doesn’t know whether it sounds natural … Read more

Expression to differentiate between listening problem and understanding problem?

If during conversation, I face problem in understanding what the other speaker is saying, I may come with following polite statements: "Sorry…?" "Sorry, could not get you…" "Pardon me…" "Come again please…" But my inability to understand can be due to two reasons. 1) "I could not hear what you said" and 2) "I could … Read more

Can you reply “you too” to wishes such as “Good luck”?

Suppose someone is saying to you: I wish you Merry Christmas! or Good luck! Is it meaningful to reply “You too”? Or should you respond “Same to you”? Answer "You too" is an abbreviation of a repeat of the sender’s statement, for example: Merry Christmas! [Merry Christmas to] You too! This is entirely valid spoken … Read more