To interact to/with each other

I want to describe how objects interact [to or with] each other. Which preposition should I use here to show how these objects interact? Answer interaction between sb and sb There’s not enough interaction between the management and the workers. interaction of sth and sth A great advertising campaign comes from the successful interaction of … Read more

Do I need a “with” in the following sentence?

Usually, I know the answer. But the following sentence confuses me: Was he the man she had shared her flesh and feelings (with) for four years? Is the with necessary? Why or why not? Answer The answer is yes. In given sentence you mentioned a person the thing is shared with so it’s natural to … Read more

Do I assign something to me or do I assign it to myself? (Me/Myself) in prepositional phrase?

In chatting with a coworker, I asked "Should I assign [the task] to myself" but then I got discombobulated and wondered if it should have been "to me" instead. I searched for an answer but didn’t find anything that seemed to match this situation. So, which is correct and why? Does it have to do … Read more

On/At/In someone’s suggestion?

What, and why, is the right choice in these cases? (*) my supervisor’s suggestion, I changed my schedule. Should (*) be: in, on, at, under,….? Answer At my supervisor’s suggestion. The easy answer is that it’s the dictionary-defined convention. In more detail; you have heard your supervisor’s suggestion and have aligned yourself with, to, or … Read more

Can I substitute ‘to’ for ‘for’ here in order to not repeat ‘for’ twice

I’m trying to rewrite this sentence, can someone suggest a grammatically correct (and better) sentence: I was not prepared for his calm enthusiasm for my question. I’m thinking something like: I was not prepared for his calm enthusiasm to my question. But I’m not sure that maintains the same meaning and intent by substituting to … Read more

In or On Microsoft Excel’s Table/Cells/Column

I have a rather odd question here. I am delivering a presentation to a wide audience of Excel users. How do you go about using prepositions when it comes down to Microsoft Excel’s Worksheet, Workbook, Table, Chart, Columns, Cells, Formula Bar, and Rows? Would you use In a table or on a table/cell? Answer I … Read more

send something to someone or somewhere

Background: I am writing a computer application which can understand English sentence. For that purpose, I was preparing frames of each word. For example: send something to recipient|place Since to can be defined as separate frame; to recipient|place So the frame for send can be defined as send something Now I found a phrase; "Send … Read more

Part of speech of “brief” and “short” in the phrases “in brief” and “in short”

The phrases “in brief” and “in short” function as adverbs, but as what part of speech do “brief” and “short” function in these phrases? “Brief” stands alone as both a noun and adjective and could be seen as either in the phrase (i.e. preposition “in” + noun/adjective “brief”), but “short” in the meaning used by … Read more

Can one talk “with” someone?

The verb talk usually has to preceding its complement/object: (I) I talked to him about his misbehavior. Is it idiomatic (and/or grammatical) to use with instead? (II) I talked with him about his misbehavior. (?) (III) Who did you talk with yesterday? (?) I ask because an associate has claimed that with is not idiomatic … Read more

Why “all of us” instead of “all of we”?

When using the construction “all of us” as a subject in a sentence, the pronoun stays an object pronoun, as such: All of us are in the same boat. The alternate construction just sounds weird (to my ears, at least), even though it “follows” the subject-verb agreement: All of we are in the same boat. … Read more