Omitting definite articles in prepositional phrases with specific objects

Hyphenated adjectives aside, is omitting the “the” in “on scene,” “in studio,” “on set” etc. any more or less correct than including it? My inquiry stems primarily from curiosity about the use of “on scene” vs. “on the scene” by some reporters reporting from a specific crime scene: “Police are now arriving ‘on scene’ (instead … Read more

Is it still an indirect object if you’re taking something away?

So Jim is the indirect object in the sentence “Sally gave Jim a sandwich.” But is Jim still the indirect object if the sentence is “Sally took the sandwich from Jim”? And if the sentence were to become “Sally took the sandwich from Jim for herself” would Sally now be both the subject and the … Read more

Why is it correct to say “He came and said something to me” but not “He came and said to me something”?

This question was just posed to me and I couldn’t give a clear answer beyond that the second just feels wrong and one would generally use a direct or indirect quotation, as in “he came and said to me that he can’t come.” However, I’m led to believe that it’s just a matter of usage, … Read more

Which one is more appropriate to use: “send you” or “send to you”?

Are both of the following sentences correct? Let me know if there is still something I need to send to you. Let me know if there is still something I need to send you. Which one is more appropriate to use? Answer Both are semantically correct as they are. But compare I’ll send it to … Read more