“ill” in present continuous

Present continuous tense Rules. Auxiliary verb “am or is or are” is used in sentence. 1st form of verb or base verb + ing (presentparticiple) is used as main verb in sentence. Question: Can we form the with verb ill? For example: I am illing or I am ill. What is the right and why? Answer ill is not a verb. If … Read more

What’s the difference between “He’s going to fly tomorrow”, “He’s flying tomorrow” and “He flies tomorrow”?

Let consider that someone will take a flight tomorrow with a plan of course. In this case, we can use He’s going to fly tomorrow in Simple Future. How ever, I’ve learnt that we can also use Present Continues to represent this situation in future too. So we’re allowed to use He’s flying tomorrow. On … Read more

Is “I am running” or “I run” grammatical to say while running?

Please check this video. I understood for performative verbs, if we are doing something and, at the same time, we are saying it, we don’t need to use the present continuous tense. I am not sure I have it right. For example, when I say, "I promise to do my homework," I am making the … Read more

“You go and dry yourselves while I polish the car.” or “You go and dry yourselves while I’m polishing the car.”

context i/Cleaning_the_Car/Transcript Oxford Dictionary says: "while–at the same time as sth else is happening eg: You can go swimming while I’m having lunch." so I am confused. Why doesn’t Daddy Pig say "You go and dry yourselves while I’m polishing the car."? Answer Your question asks about the following forms: You do this while I … Read more

Can we use the present continuous form to make a general statement?

Considering it is a general statement, which of the following sentences sounds more natural? I watch a lot of English speaking movies, because I’m always trying to improve my English. I watch a lot of English speaking movies, because I always try to improve my English. As far as I know, the present continuous with … Read more

“I’m working on a project” – present continuous or present perfect continuous?

I want to say that I’m working on a project lately, maybe this month or this week, but I don’t specify the time in the sentence. I’m still working on a project and I will be working for some time. It doesn’t mean that I’m writing a code for the project now, at the moment, … Read more

Is this sentence of Vitalik Buterin correct?

I was reading A Philosophy of Blockchain Validation of Vitalik Buterin. The following sentence strikes me as odd: Data availability checks do rely on a very conservative assumption that there exists at least some small number of honest nodes somewhere in the network continues to apply, though the good news is that this minimum honesty … Read more

Any difference between these two (Present or Present Cont.)

“My husband will always invite his friends round for a drink just as I’m trying to put the kids to bed!” or “My husband will always invite his friends round for a drink just as I try to put the kids to bed!” Answer Your example is complicated by your use of “will” in the … Read more

Use present continuous instead of present simple in a sentence

I saw on my english book the exercise’s sentence: According to many, Google is changing our lives by broadening our knowledge of the world. Is it also correct “changes” instead of “is changing” in this sentence? I think so because present simple is about permanent situations. Answer Yes, both are correct. “Is changing” puts more … Read more

Helping [to] + infinitive verb?

What would be correct? And why? I’m helping maintain the library. I’m helping to maintain the library. I’m helping maintaining the library. I’m helping in maintaining the library. (ok this one sounds quite wrong) Answer You use the verb ‘help’ with or without a ‘to infinitive’. The meaning remains the same. You don’t help yourself … Read more