Might be OR Might have been

The sentence: Had the doctor been more careful, my cousin might still have been alive. In this construction, the two fragments of the sentence are more parallel with their use of been. Had he been xyz, she might still have been xyz. Would this be better instead: Had the doctor been more careful, my cousin … Read more

I have gone shopping or I went shopping

It says that we use present perfect for actions in the past that have a result now. No matter how much I try to figure out this, sometimes it is pretty hard. I have also read the followings as well, but it seems like that I can’t grab this correctly. (Even when I write this, … Read more

“it was my dream since childhood” vs “it has been my dream since childhood”

i am not a native English and have a problem for understanding grammar. Is the sentence bellow (A), explain that i am no longer have dream/ same dream after childhood? and is there any possibility that my dream is still same? (A) it was my dream since childhood and the sentence bellow (b). explain that … Read more

Simple past of present perfect?

I wonder which one is correct: David has made a decision to quit his job in spite of good salary. David made a decision to quit his job in spite of good salary. I think that 1 is correct, cause we want to focus on David’s action, but my friends say that 2 is correct. … Read more

Present Perfect and Simple Past in the same sentence

I have a short and simple question for you. I know that in some circumstances I can use the Present Perfect and the Simple Past in the same sentence, but I am wondering if the following example is the case. “During my studies I have taken part in several group projects, both in Italy and … Read more

“Have helped” or “helped”?

you have helped me (Present Perfect) you helped me (Past Simple) Which one is correct and why? Answer When someone says “you have helped me,” they typically convey that the help persists into the present. “You helped me” indicates that the help was in the past, and that help may or may not continue to … Read more

Difference between Past Simple and Past Continuous for a past action

Should the gaps in this sentence be filled with verbs in Past Simple or Past Continuous tense? _______________ you ___________________ (make) a lot of friends when you ________________ (live) abroad? Answer Recommended ways of writing this: “Did you make a lot of friends when you lived abroad?” “Have you made a lot of friends while … Read more

American dialects: Replacing the past-perfect participle with the simple-past form

I have come across some American media (The Alternate History Hub youtube channel comes to mind) in which the perfect participle and the simple-past form have been merged. For example, we would have: “We’ve driven there before” -> “We’ve drove there before” “I would’ve sunk” -> “I would’ve sank“ “I’ve swum that distance before” -> … Read more