Past continuous or past simple?

In this sentence, should I use past continuous form of the verb or past simple or it in the gap? Last night, I was sleeping in my bed, when I ——- (hear) a terrible noise. I —— (get up) immediately and ——- (run) outside. Answer There’s nothing continuous/progressive about those actions, so the simple past … Read more

Tense for an event that occurs as you read it

I came across this sentence today in a wait screen for a twitter client: Did you know that this wait is actually Twitter’s fault, not ours? Is "Did" correct usage in this case? I didn’t know it earlier, but I became aware of it as I read it. Hence this seems logically correct. But a … Read more

When will “Present Perfect vs. Past Tense” cases be affected by culture?

Regarding actions taken in the past, besides the differences those two tenses have semantically, my teacher shared that it could be a British vs American English case. When talking about past action, British prefers present perfect because they take into account that the effect from their past action still happens until now. As for American, … Read more

When is the present perfect tense used instead of the past tense?

When is the present perfect tense used instead of the past tense? I know that the present perfect tense is used when some adverbs (e.g., never, ever) are present in the sentence; the same is true for sentences like the following one. When you returned, I have been at home since 3:00 PM. In which … Read more