As a nurse Jane Doe once said / As nurse Jane Doe once said?

I am having difficulties deciding whether to use an indefinite article when quoting a person with their job mentioned as per the title. As nurse Jane Doe once said: … or As a nurse Jane Doe once said: … I cannot find any good reference online. Answer The indefinite article is needed before a profession … Read more

What do you call someone who studies Russia?

This is my first post and I was wondering what do you call someone who studies Russia For a living like has an academic researcher or Scholar. A sentence would be I work has a -word-. Thanks in advance for any and all help. Answer The word Russologist is used to refer to persons who … Read more

What is the profession of adding special effects to a video called?

What is the profession of adding special effects to a video called? Using programs like Adobe After Effects, for example. I am looking for a name other than video editor since in my interpretation that describes a job of arranging the video in a sequence, using video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas. … Read more

What to call a graduate in Engineering Physics?

What to call a graduate in Engineering Physics based on the academic background, and why is it called Engineering Physics and no Physical Engineer (like mechanical/electrical engineering)? Physicist Engineer? Engineer Physicist? Physics Engineer? Engineer Physics? Answer If they get a job as an engineer, they’re an engineer (if they don’t need a … Read more

What is a shop called that sells music CDs?

What is a shop called that sells music CDs (American English)? Such shops also offer some classic or traditional music on other forms of media — vinyl or cassettes. However they do not sell music instruments or offers music classes (see photo). Answer The somewhat outdated title is Record Store or Record Shop. AttributionSource : … Read more

Professional way to state the purpose of a letter

I’m writing a letter to a professor. It is my intention to state the purpose of the letter in the prescript, such as: This is about project FOO you assigned on date BAR. But I think this would seem unprofessional. What would be a more proper way to state ‘this letter is about xyz’? Answer … Read more

What’s the word for someone who studies partial differential equations?

Mathematics has many words for the people who specialise in particular subdisciplines: geometers, who study geometry algebraists, who study algebra combinatorialists, who study combinatorics probabilists, who study probability statisticians, who study statistics analysts, who study analysis ???, who study partial differential equations Partial differential equations (PDEs) is a large field in mathematics, with many people … Read more

Formal title/honorific for a lawyer

Let’s say there is a lawyer named Sue Smith. She could be referred to as Ms. Smith, but is there a different formal prepended honorific specific to lawyers? Particularly when addressing one directly. Answer I’ve never heard of a prefix (assuming you mean prepended honorific) used for lawyers the way Doctor or Professor are used. … Read more

What does title “Cost Effective Web Design” signify in English?

When addressing on search engines or even writing an email about a business query for a cheap web designer does the statement pass on the message clearly “Cost Effective Web Design” or Should I use a one liner which is more direct like “Affordable Web Designer“? Answer They’re both correct and effective. Because the first … Read more