What is a good word or prhase to describe a unit of measure/a unit of physical quantity?

I am looking for a good word or a short phrase to describe a physical quantity. For example consider these examples: 5.0 m3/h 17 bar 20 gpm (gallons per minute) 3 psi (pounds per square inch) I am looking for a word or phrase that accurately describes the text on the right side of the … Read more

Wording for inheritance, heredity in programming

I have objects which are related in two ways: Mother-child relation I called inheritance or heredity. It means that everything defined in the mother object gets inherited to the child. Language translation relation is similar, there is a object holding the english language, and objects with another language – which may contain a translation. That … Read more

What noun should I use when I want “seekability”?

This is programming lingo and apparently not a word in the dictionary and so I would like to be able to solve “this problem” with only dictionary primitives. (If you allow me to speak that away.) A desired property of random number generators is seekability. What is it? If you think of a procedure that … Read more

Some words “want” to be plural and some other ones “want” to be singular. Why? [closed]

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The ( changed ) meaning or classification of words in programming [closed]

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Looking for a term that is the opposite of “location-based crowdsourcing”

When referring to services that provide access to crowdworkers to perform tasks to be done on a computer with an internet connection (e.g., Amazon Mechanical Turk), in contrast with those that allow for tasks to be performed in the physical world (e.g., TaskRabbit), how would you call one vs the other? I’m set on using … Read more

Word for something that represents, but is not, something abstract

A while ago I heard a word that means something representing something abstract, but not actually being that thing. It was in the context of Java’s Class objects – that classes in Java are loaded into the JVM in a special way, but that Class objects exist to represent those; they’re _____. I feel like … Read more

how to say action x causes y and nothing but y

Background I once witnessed this conversation between two software engineers.. something like: eng1: I just gave you the api eng2: are the results deterministic when I enter key i? I’m not sure if the term was deterministic, although its definition online makes sense: In mathematics and physics, a deterministic system is a system in which … Read more

Use of we … yourself

I use google translator to write english text. I write the text in english and let it translate into my mother tongue. So I can see “live” if the things I write can at least be understood by google translator. I wrote the sentence below with “ourself” instead of “yourself”. So google translator suggested “yourself” … Read more