Preposition to follow “copy and paste”

The rows should be copied and pasted to the spreadsheet. Does that sound right? If not, how could we reword the sentence? I ask because “to” applies to “paste” but not to “copy”. The logical preposition to follow “copy” would be “from”, but I don’t see how it would fit in this sentence. Answer This … Read more

Which is correct: “Filename”, “File Name” or “FileName”?

Which is correct: “Filename”, “File Name” or “FileName”? Answer The original form of the word was “file name”, as in the name of a file. These days (and probably for a good few years), the compound “filename” is widely accepted and perhaps most commonly used. Either is of course perfectly acceptable. Do not, however, capitalise … Read more

“log in to” or “log into” or “login to”

When writing an instruction about connecting to a computer using ssh, telnet, etc., I’m not sure what spacing to use in this familiar spoken phrase: “Log in to” “Log into” “Login to” Maybe this is entirely subjective or the realm of industry jargon, but I couldn’t think of anywhere else to ask. … Read more

Which would be correct: “outputs” or “puts out”?

Which word should I use in the following context? Is the required before data? Any algorithm first reads data, processes (the) data and finally [outputs|puts out] the processed data. Answer Any algorithm first reads the data, processes the data and finally outputs the processed data. AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : stacker , Answer … Read more