Some exercises for the “th” sounds for a foreign learner

What is the right technique for acquiring the “th” sounds? Are there any really proved useful exercises or tongue twisters which can help to get them? I think after some training I’ve managed to pronounce both th sounds (voiced and unvoiced) correctly. But the problem is, I can’t pronounce a clear decent th sound after … Read more

What is the pronunciation of “gn”?

In Italian, the group gn is pronounced differently from English. (See for example magnolia, which is pronounced /ma’ɲoːlja/ in Italian.) What is the correct pronunciation of gn, in English, for example in the following words? Campaign Foreign Sign Signed Is there any word containing gn that is pronounced differently from the usual because of its … Read more

How are words ending “-ology”, “-onomy”, “-ography” pronounced?

My English teacher often corrects me on the correct pronunciation of these suffixes. She says these should be pronounced with the stress on the first O. I have heard many educated folks pronounce it with no stress at all. I have also heard that the vowel O should be pronounced as “au” rather than “o”. … Read more