“Is” versus “are” in regard to a proper noun that sounds singular but is actually plural (“The Song of Albion Trilogy”)

I am writing a book review. I’ve encountered a problem with my sentence, “The Song of Albion Trilogy are the best books I’ve ever read”. Even though I am talking about a trilogy or series, it is not only the best series I’ve read, but also the best books I’ve read including stand-alone novels. I … Read more

Should I pluralize “University” in the phrase “Yale and Harvard Universities”?

I’m wondering if I need to pluralize “University” in the following sentence: “Our expert panelists, including former admissions officers from Yale and Harvard Universities, will discuss…” Should it be plural and capitalized? Singular? Lower case? I appreciate the help! Answer “University” should be capitalized with Yale because it’s the official name: “Yale University” (per the … Read more

How should literary/fictional words, derived from the anglicization of other languages, be pronounced?

We often see peculiar names being given to titles and fictional characters, such as Wolfenstein (which protagonist does also have a weird name: Blazkowicz). I would spend long times trying to figure out how I should pronounce these, but when I see a video of someone pronouncing it “correctly” (in the original language), I find … Read more

A strange proper name

Why the complete name of British philosopher McTaggart, i.e. John McTaggart Ellis McTaggart, has such an strange form? Edit: Considering @Lawrence concerns, I should note that, although strangeness is a somehow subjective matter, but it’s objectively based on the lack of similar cases. In this case, I have never seen a compound proper name with … Read more

Should “people of color” be capitalized?

In Yoga and the Roots of Cultural Appropriation, the term "people of color" is repeatedly capitalized, though the names of other protected classes are not: Meanwhile, in order to uphold the foundation and on-going functioning of white supremacist and racial capitalism, white people are taught to be ahistorical and emotionally repressed. In order to maintain … Read more

“The” before proper nouns in technical writing

Should I use “the” before proper nouns? I would like to skip it, will it be grammatically correct? Example: MicroApp receives the SL Recovery Key, the LF Service Key, and the Auth Key to control user transactions. In my case, the proper nouns are the names for software components. In comparing with other applications, the … Read more

On the idiomaticity of attributive proper nouns, proper adjectives, and either singular or plural possessives when describing Imperial Possessions

When talking about something which is owed by an empire or is considered to be a part of that empire, which of the many ways to express this relationship are most commonly used and generally accepted idiomatically? For example, is it: The Ottoman war machine The Ottomanian war machine The Ottoman’s war machine The Ottomans’ … Read more