What does the quoted section in someone’s name mean?

As in the title, what does a quoted section in a name mean? Names like John “James” Doe (not someone’s name) Answer This usually refers to a nickname, or something that other people might call that person that isn’t their given name. So in the example you gave, that person’s formal given name is John, … Read more

Do I need to write [sic] when including a quotation with a number less than 10 that isn’t written out?

I know you have to write out numbers less than 10. However, if you’re quoting a source that doesn’t do so, do you need to write [sic] after each number less than 10 that isn’t written out? For example, should “nationwide, 25.4% of students got 8 or more hours of sleep on an average school … Read more

Quotes starting with “ and ending with ”

I have seen many sentences/words in quotes like “this” instead of “this”. Here’s one from K&R: In 1983, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) established a committee whose goal was to produce “an unambiguous and machine-independent definition of the language C”, while still retaining its spirit. I have seen this especially more in text written … Read more

How do you quote a quotation that itself has mismatched quotes?

Suppose that Eve said (in spoken English) An apple a day keeps the doctor away, unquote. Also isn’t Eve such a great person? Like my mom always said quote Eve is the best person ever, much better than that Alice person Now let us say that Bob wants to tell Alice what Eve said. Naively, … Read more

Is the folllowing sentence correctly punctuated?

Could someone please tell me if I’ve correctly punctuated the following sentence (specifically, if I’ve correctly used the dash and commas highlighted bloew)? Also, is the period at the end of the word “voice” better served by a comma or semicolon? My partner and I had been patrolling the Rideau Canal Skateway—a nearly 8 km … Read more

In the case of multiple successive quotes, does punctuation go inside or outside quotes?

She told me “take me out,” “let’s travel together,” and “I love ice cream.” or She told me “take me out”, “let’s travel together”, and “I love ice cream”. I always assumed that commas go inside the quotations mark, but perhaps there are specific rules to specific contexts. Help me out 🙂 Answer It depends … Read more