A Comprehension question

The techniques employed by science fiction writers are meant to draw the reader into a world where extraordinary events can occur and unexpected scenarios draw a striking comparison to events which mirror our everyday real life experiences. So good science fictions needs to stay within the limits of what may one day happen, at the … Read more

getting correct meaning by analyzing a sentence

I have following paragraph and trying to understand what it clearly mention. This paper shows several extensions and discusses the topology approach, while recognizing that reconstruction of height jumps is a challenge (A, 2010; B, 2007) and describing problems related to intersection lines and jump edges between two segments. first sentence is clear to me. … Read more

Meaning of a paragraph about a literary heritage

Passage to analyze: Tillie Olsen’s fiction and essays have been widely and rightly acknowledged as major contributions to American literature. Her work has been particularly valued by contemporary feminists. Yet few of Olsen’s readers realize the extent to which her vision and choice of subject are rooted in an earlier literary heritage—the tradition of radical … Read more

Context meaning of a passage

Whether the languages of the ancient American peoples were used for expressing abstract universal concepts can be clearly answered in the case of Nahuatl. Nahuatl, like Greek and German, is a language that allows the formation of extensive compounds. By the combination of radicals or semantic elements, single compound words can express complex conceptual relations, … Read more