What is the collective term for “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly” and “Yearly”?

I am developing a business application in which the user can select from one of these options, namely “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly” or “Yearly”, for scheduling appointments. I need to create a field in the database to hold this value, but am at a loss for what to name the field. What would be the collective … Read more

How many words differ only by letter duplication

I’m working with football (the European variant) commentary, looking at word frequency. Often enough, the commentary will spell their excitement by writing ‘Gooaal’, which for the purposes of my word frequency is different from the properly spelled ‘goal’. I’m considering capturing these cases by removing all successive duplicate letters. This question is not about how … Read more

How do describe “each day”, “once a week” or “every second year”?

I want to describe a repetition for an event. A single event can have multiple repetitions because it can occur e.g. every second week (a regular happening) + once a year (special annual occasion). So each repetition has its own: start date and time end date and time exclusion – list of dates when an … Read more

Repeating adjectives and adverbs after conjuctions

Do adjectives or adverbs associate with the second noun or adjective after the first one or do they need to be repeated? This dichotomy can at times be too inclusive or (too) exclusive? Does the adverb need to be repeated, or does it also refer to the second adjective after the conjunction? Answer I’ve seen … Read more

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, I’ve said it a thousand times

I had a student moaning because I insisted he say twice and not "two times". And he asked "But why?" to which I replied, "Because that’s how you say it!" However on reflection, his question was a valid one. In Latin there doesn’t appear to be any discernible pattern once is semel twice is bis … Read more

Thrice or triple?

There is a fairly well known recipe for Triple Cooked Chips. It involves cooking chips three different ways / times. Is triple cooked correct or should it be called Thrice Cooked Chips as they have been cooked three times? Answer Pretend it would concern the number two instead of three: Use thrice when you would … Read more

Why has the word “thrice” fallen out of common usage?

I’m an American living in America, but my workplace has a lot of immigrants from India here. They all use “thrice” very commonly, which is wonderful to my ears! Thrice is such a delightful word. Today one of them said something happened “twice or thrice”, and it got me thinking that that usage would never … Read more