What’s the Best English word for 6 months in this group: daily, weekly, quarterly, 6 months, yearly?

While writing programs, I need to create a drop down for setting periods, like daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Using one year as a time frame. This question is driven by lack of a better word. I’ve had some trouble coming up with a one word adjective for 6 months. I do have the following: 1 … Read more

“each day” → “daily”; “every other day” →?

Is there an adjective that means “every other day”? I found “bidaily” but it seems to mean “twice a day”, not “every second day” (not even both as “biweekly” does). I’d need this word to very concisely describe a questionnaire by its issuing frequency. Answer There is no one word. The best you can do … Read more

Would “pentaminutely” reflect an event that occurs every five minutes?

Would the compound pentaminutely (from penta- and minutely) be correct in describing an event that occurs every five-minutes? Or is there a better word? Edit: For clarity, I’m looking to name an object in a programming model so it is clear by the name what the object represents. I am trying to avoid writing a … Read more

Is there a prefix that indicates that an event recurs four times a year?

“Semi-annually” describes an event that recurs every 6 months. Is there a similar term for an event that recurs every 3 months? (I’m guessing that “semi-semi-annually” isn’t the correct answer.) More importantly, is there a resource or table somewhere that I can use in the future to construct prefixes for other intervals shorter than a … Read more

Are there any words I can use to disambiguate “biweekly”?

We have two words for events occurring in periods of years – biannual meaning twice a year, and biennial meaning once every two years. However, my colleagues talk about having meetings biweekly. This causes a lot of confusion, since it can mean either once every two weeks or twice a week. We can use fortnightly … Read more

Once/twice/thrice vs one/two/three times

Is there a difference in nuance when using once, twice or thrice instead of one time, two times or three times, especially when counting occurrences? It has happened twice before. It has happened two times before. Are they always interchangeable? What about other usages (e.g. when comparing magnitude)? The blue book is twice as heavy … Read more

Is there a term to describe an event which happens every 18 months?

Obviously every year is annual. Every two years is biennial. Does the English language have a term for every 18 months? Answer sesquiennial ocurring every year and a half. Etymology: semi (“half”) + que (“and”) I cannot find a dictionary definition of this other than Wiktionary, and 0 hits on Google NGram. But there are … Read more