How do I clarify to readers that the bolded dialogue question is a rhetorical question?

Two characters, Scythe Master and Claudia, are having a conversation in this book I’m translating. The first speaker is Scythe. (Bolded part is what I’m 87% sure is a rhetorical question, based on what comes before and after it’s said.) “Already arrangements to locate his immigration documents are underway, in addition to a method of … Read more

Term for rhetorical refrain

In the widely followed hearing on Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the United States Supreme Court, Senator Kamala Harris said to Kavanaugh’s accuser of sexual assault; You have called for an independent investigation Judge Kavanaugh has not. You have called for independent witnesses Judge Kavanaugh has not. You have submitted yourself to a polygraph test Judge … Read more

What types of indirect references are and aren’t allusions?

In school I learned that allusions are indirect references. Often my teachers would give examples in the form of references to well-known literary works. If I say “I can read the writing on the wall”, I’m making a reference to the hand of God writing a prophesy of doom at the feast of Belshazzar in … Read more

What’s this form of rhetoric called?

Let’s suppose my father was a good moral teacher to me. I say: “I learned my virtuous morals from my father.” This is a true statement, because he did teach me good morals. However the subsequent claim: “That is the reason why I am a moral person.” May sound suspicious. The statement may be only … Read more

What is it called when I poop the dog?

I’m wondering what it is called when a non-transitive verb is used as a transitive verb. An example would be if someone took the dog outside so it could defecate, and said, I pooped the dog. I know the term anthimeria refers to using one part of a speech as another. Wikipedia says that anthimeria… … Read more

Word for applying heavenly arguments to terrestrial issues

Is there a word for the process of applying heavenly-derived arguments to terrestrial issues? For example, “John Doe argues against abortion because his Catholic faith says it’s wrong. John’s argument is X-ical.” Where X is something like tautology. I feel the word “religious” doesn’t sufficiently convey the incongruity of using out-of-this-world logic to this world. … Read more

Is “prime candidates” in the sentence below used as a metaphor or personification?

Finally, states should reduce or eliminate the least useful graduate programs. Journalism (now dubbed “communications”), business and education are prime candidates. Is “prime candidates” here used as a metaphor or a personification? Answer Personification is a form of metaphor, a comparison that does not claim an object or action is “like” another object or action, … Read more