Is it really a bad idea to follow “then” with a comma without adding “and” or replacing the comma with the semicolon?

This is from The IBM Style Guide: Conventions for Writers and Editors: Then is not a coordinating conjunction. You cannot join independent clauses with then unless you add a semicolon or a coordinating conjunction. Examples (incorrect) Click Start then select a program. Click Start, then select a program. Examples (correct) Click Start; then select a … Read more

comparative degree in a run on sentence

>Mathematics is not an intramural sport, and as important as being first is, how one gets to one’s destination is often as important as, if not more important than, the actual target. please help me with explaining the structure and meaning of the sentence, particularly the use of as important as for two times. Answer … Read more

“She wrote four letters. To her mother….”

source A Game of Thrones In the end, she wrote four letters. To her mother, the Lady Catelyn Stark, and to her brothers at Winterfell, and to her aunt and her grandfather as well, Lady Lysa Arryn of the Eyrie, and Lord Hoster Tully of Riverrun. How the writer made the sentence “To her mother….” … Read more

Can we use an interrogative sentence after “but”?

Is it grammatically correct that an interrogative sentence comes after “but”? For example: I don’t like this picture but do you like it? I don’t know the way to the place but do you know that? I don’t want to cooperate with the person but what about you? I sometimes use these sentences but I’m … Read more

A sentence full of grammar problems

I wrote a sentence under the online news comment section: I would say he does a good job this time, practically showing he’s tough with zero consequence, ideally showing what’s normal and should be done. But I am confused with many things, he did what I think is a good job before the news is … Read more

Is it correct to write “I saw her hang her head crying”

I came across a video about Gif with sound on YouTube. I had not seen any videos of this kind before. But the video was very interesting and I learned a new idiom from an embedded song from Scissor Sisters in the video. According to the Cambridge online dictionary, hang one’s head means to be … Read more

Sentences of the form “the x, the y”

I am writing my bachelor thesis in English and currently have a problem with expressions of the form “the x, the y”, where x and y are quite long. When reading the following sentence I produced, I am unsure whether it is explicit enough: That is, the lower the difference between the average F-measure that … Read more