Is it fine to use the word “completed” when we talk about an object instead of a process?

I have a small script to back up some of my files. It works completely silently and it doesn’t provide any success or error messages, even if something is wrong. The only message window popping up in the very end. The current text is: Execution of the script has been completed. Please note that the … Read more

Has he come of age yet?

Has he come of age yet? How do you usually ask that? As I understand it, the above-mentioned sentence isn’t common (among Google books, on the internet). Why? Answer There isn’t a more common way of asking that specific question. I’m surprised that you find it to be uncommon; if it is, it’s simply because … Read more

It’s wrong to treat animals as if they had no feelings. (meaning)

It’s wrong to treat animals as if they had no feelings. [Source] (What’s the meaning of this unknown (for me) Conditional?) As I understand this sentence, here is used some Conditional. But what exactly conditional? It’s not 0, or 2 conditional, right? Is it not better to use zero Conditional here? It’s wrong to treat … Read more

“Causes teeth cavities” or “Causes cavities in teeth”

As you know, "cavity" refers to a hole or an empty space between two surfaces or on a surface or inside of it. Also, this is the only noun which can refer to teeth decay! Having said that, I think just utilizing "cavity" in the following example wouldn’t make good sense, and whereas the word … Read more