They have some background strong

I’m trying to understand the meaning of the expression “background strong”. The line in the title is quoted from a movie, “Dying to survive”. Here is some frame: an indian oil shop owner wants to import from India a cheap copycat medicine for CML (which is a form of leukemia) and therefore he holds talks … Read more

Nobody’s idea of

“Yet the Tories have gambled, choosing a populist leader who is nobody’s idea of a safe pair of hands.” What does it mean by saying “nobody’s idea of sth?” Answer Consider the opposite: Dr. X is everybody‘s idea of a safe pair of hands Consider a group of people and each has an idea, or … Read more

What’s the meaning of “I may have lost a little bit of this year” in this sentence?

Does it mean that I lost a part of my idealism this year, or it says without a vision, my idealism would has been less? which one? I am really glad I wrote a vision because I think I would be a lot more negative right now if I hadn’t done that. My vision reminded … Read more

Meaning of a passage in “Night on Highway 128” by Cary Mullis

From Night on Highway 128 by Cary Mullis: I was driving up a long and winding road between Cloverdale and Booneville in Mendocino County, heading for my weekend cabin. My girlfriend was asleep and I was functionally sober (or the road would have proven my undoing) but it was late at night and I was … Read more

meaning of “to immigration” in this sentence?

Does it mean “climate change for immigration” or “climate change” and “immigration” are 2 different issues? In areas that range from occupational safety to climate change to immigration, legislators might benefit if they can delegate authority to others – and blame them. Answer In phrase, In areas that range from occupational safety to climate change … Read more

Meaning of “And that’s probably likely always to be the case”

I have trouble understanding two lines in an article in NYTimes. Ever more so, it seems. The past few decades have seen “an amazing array of experimental tests of general relativity, all of them in agreement with the predictions,” Dr. Will said. But the quest continues: “There are still things we don’t fully understand. And … Read more

What’s the meaning of bold part?

From this site Together, we’ll be looking to build on early successes with our digital-first approach to campaigns including ‘Holly’s Must Haves’ and to better utilise data for ‘always on’ cross-channel campaigns. There’s lots to do and we’re all looking forward to working together to make M&S more relevant, more often, to more customers. 1) … Read more