Is there a sentence that begins with “them”?

An online retail store is asking its customers to construct a sentence beginning with them in order to win a voucher. I just can’t believe there’s any such sentence, at least I don’t know of any! I’ve had enough laughs with friends coming up with Americanisms that fit, so that’s not what I’m looking for. … Read more

When to use “And” at the start of sentence?

I know that and is used to join two sentences or phrases. There are some places I’ve read that have And is used at the beginning of a sentence. What are the occasions when this is done? Answer You start a sentence with a conjunction when you want to call a clause out for special … Read more

Whom, who or that?

Which is the correct sentence? Match me only with people I kissed or people that I am following or Match me only with people I kissed or people who I am following or Match me only with people I kissed or people whom I am following Or are they all wrong? Answer These are correct. … Read more

When is it OK to start a sentence with “But”?

Is starting a sentence with a “But” still bad? I know some Harvard graduates who are native English speakers and do this when they write. Is it acceptable now? What are some of the examples where “But” is and is not acceptable? Is there ever a situation when replacing a “But” with “However” makes the … Read more

‘Nonetheless’ at the beginning of a sentence?

In some nonetheless sentence examples, there is no sentence that begins with the word of nonetheless. Can one use “Nonetheless” at the beginning of a sentence as follows? It has been raining for a week. Nonetheless, we’re going to try to go camping. Is this grammatical? Answer Yes, it is an adverb that can be … Read more

How to use “moving” at the beginning of a sentence?

“Moving to an iphone from a normal phone is easy.” Is this sentence grammatically correct? Answer ing form of verbs are present participle. The gerund looks exactly the same as a present participle, but it is useful to understand the difference between the two. The gerund always has the same function as a noun (although … Read more

Rearrange the sentence in a specific order

Sentence: Developers from 10+ countries are using our service. I want to rearrange this sentence so that it starts with "10+ countries". But keep the meaning of the sentence the same. I want to achieve this pattern (a number followed by a short phrase) ↓↓↓ But I cannot find a way to start with "10+" … Read more

Is it recommended to remove articles from the beginning of a paragraph in academic writing?

I have the following sentence in the beginning of my abstract: The scattering of light due to the presence of aerosol particles along the path of light waves causes atmospheric haze in images. And I have received the remark that I should omit the article “The” from the beginning because this sentence is the first … Read more