Other phrases or words that are synonymous with ‘to miss out on (something)’?

Definition of ‘miss out on’ from Merriam-Webster: to miss the opportunity or obligation Here’s my problem: I have used ‘missed out on’ in my context as a way to refer to an experience that someone didn’t get to have. This person didn’t ‘miss out on’ having the experience by their own choice, but because of … Read more

The thing you have to measure because you can’t measure what you really want

I’ve been wracking my brain for the term for this all week. I’m almost certain there is a single word for the quantity that you make in an experiment, where you can’t (easily) measure what you really want. For example: When measuring the specific heat of an object using a calorimeter, we are taking temperature … Read more

Concisely describe non-time sensitive measurements

I am working on profiling a graphical PC application. In this context, profiling is the act of taking measurements, mostly time based (like “time elapsed while rendering x”), but also some simple values (like “the number of x used” where x is not a unit of time). Multiple of “the same” measurements are taken by … Read more

How can you describe the inability to explain something without going off on several tangents?

I was watching a video of Richard Feynman, the physicist, and an interviewer asked him to explain magnetic repulsion. (The video can be seen here.) In the video, Feynman explains that he cannot actually answer the question because it keeps unraveling into further deeper questions. Essentially, that in order to answer the question, there is … Read more

A word that refers to saying something in an attempt to anger or embarrass someone into doing something that they don’t want to do?

I’m looking for a word to refer to the act of trying to embarrass someone to the point that they do something they don’t want to do. Example: Let’s say all of your friends are jumping off of a cliff into a lake, but you don’t want to, for whatever reason. One friend remains at … Read more

One to two words that describe a person who guides people on a mass scale through transformation (esp. in education)

Been racking my brain for days on this and can’t seem to come up with the right word (or two words) to fully encapsulates describe this type of person… Someone who leads people en masse to transform their lives by educating them, guiding and mentoring them, but through the lens of “on a mass scale” … Read more

“agenda-driven”: single-word synonyms and a good definition

I first encountered the term “agenda-driven” in description of cat breed’s temperaments. While I sense the meaning, being non-native speaker makes it hard to understand term “agenda-driven” in various contexts. I see this term used more and more often. No dictionaries are defining it. I mentioned the cat’s context only to show how widespread and … Read more