Word (adjective) to describe a harsh sound

Context: My brother just played a video with loud screeching noises in the background about 5 feet from me as I was reading a pleasant book. I turned to chastise him, exclaiming, “John! Turn that off! That sounds is so _______.” I couldn’t find the proper word. Discordant, biting, harsh aren’t quite right. Anyone have … Read more

Word for the sound of keyboard typing

Is there any word or phrase denoting the sound of typing on the keyboard? I made my research, through which I found two words from Quora — a Q&A site; those two words are: "clicking" and "tac tac." But at there, a user, namely Victoria A. Mouritzen adviced against accepting these two words, as she … Read more

A name for the sound of liquid discharging from a bottle into a glass

Today, I googled, and could find the terms, like dip and plop. Is there any word when we pour water into the glass, and we hear the sound produced within a bottle? As I poured myself a drink, I listened to the water ______ into my empty glass. Answer You can try glug. glug (ɡlʌɡ) … Read more

What happens phonetically in “words that”?

Could you explain to me what happens from the linguist’s point of view when the sounds meet in the speech? Answer Briefly (because stuff like this happens whenever words meet up in speech, which is to say in every sentence), the phonemics of words that (occurring in a phrase, where words is stressed and that … Read more

What is the type of sound-based language conversion called?

Background I have been using the type of conversion for my Korean students when trying to get them to pronounce English words slightly more accurately. I don’t transcribe the meaning of the words. I only transcribe the sounds of the words. I want to do this conversion faster (so I want to research it hence … Read more

If a .midi is a sequence(d audio), what is a .wav or .mp3?

If a .midi is sequence(d audio), what is a .wav or .mp3? Streamed audio? Wave audio? Edit: I know what the difference is/what they are, I’m asking about the terminology. Answer While the contents may be streamed, it doesn’t make sense to call a file format streamed. Wave audio works, though you might want to … Read more

General verb for animal making sound

English language has different verbs for different species of animals making sound, many are onomatopoeias. But is there a general verb that can be applied to an unnamed animal? e.g., can I say “I heard an animal cry” (replace cry with the appropriate verb) when I can’t tell what animal is making this sound? Answer … Read more

What’s the word to describe the sound of a pebble (or pebbles) falling on a rock surface? Clack, tap, clank

What’s the word that could best describe the sound of a pebble (or pebbles) falling on a rock surface? Clack, tap, clank…? Thanks! Answer A continuous rattling of hard objects striking each other is often described onomatopoeically as “clattering”. The term is well suited for either multiple pebbles or multiple contacts of one pebble with … Read more