Is it idiomatically to say “It is doesn’t …”?

Several times I met the phrase as: “It is currently doesn’t …”, for example “It is currently doesn’t work…”. First of all, it seems that the phrase itself is grammatically incorrect, because the verb “to be” used in the beginning (“is”) implies an object, which seems to be not present here. However, I am wondering … Read more

Is the signature of a letter a subject or an object?

I want to sign a letter jokingly not by name, but by a personal pronoun. Is the signature a subject or an object? I feel like using object pronoun (me) sounds better, but why? The signature looks more like a subject to me. Example: Best regards, I or Best regards, me And for more people … Read more

What is the subject in “The gift Karen gave to her brother is a teddy bear”?

I am unable to ascertain what would be the subject in the following sentence. The gift Karen gave to her brother is a teddy bear. Here the relative pronoun (that) has been omitted after the word gift. If I keep this in mind, then I can rewrite the sentence as Karen gave the gift to … Read more

‘It was his goal to become a great writer’. <-- What's the subject of this sentence?

I wish to find the subject in the sentence below, but am unable. It was his goal to become a great writer. Also, do provide me with reasons. Answer It was his goal to become a great writer. The Extraposed Subject of this sentence is to become a great writer. We can think of this … Read more

Please help me determine between “you and I/me”… but with an interjection

I’ve found a few related questions, but none that specifically answers this quandary: "To people like you and I/me—those who face uncertainty, trials, and trouble—the apostle Peter wrote these words." Without the interjection, "me" would be correct because "you and me" is the object, Peter is the subject. But the interjection makes "you and I" … Read more

“We rarely go on holiday.” Can I say “Us neither”?

Since, in the first person singular, I can compare my situation, tastes, etc. to someone else’s saying “Neither do I.” or “Me neither.”… … is it possible to use all the other personal pronouns in the same way? “Us neither.” “Him/Her neither.” “Them neither.” etc. Answer As mentioned above, it’s all down to usage and … Read more