Collective Noun “jury” with plural phrase, singular or plural?

Curious if this textbook example is correct. According to the textbook, “are” is incorrect and “is” should be used instead. Why is this? After days of testimony, the jury, including its two alternative members, are in deliberations and expected to deliver a verdict this afternoon. (not naming the textbook so it makes cheating harder) I … Read more

Who does ” I” refer to or who do ” I” refer to?

While framing a question, many teachers are doubtful when they are testing their students’ comprehension of a given passage. For example, read the following paragraph and answer the following questions Alexander: I see what you mean, and here I agree with you. The Indian generals are still following the old methods of warfare. Their battle … Read more

Can a plural subject be followed by a complement beginning “a…”?

Can anyone kindly explain why this sentence is correct? Complex musical numbers are a defining characteristic of most Italian films. Answer In a comment, John Lawler wrote: A defining characteristic of Italian films is not a subject; it is a noun phrase that is the predicate of the sentence, following the be form that is … Read more

require or requires? (verb agreement)

Achieving goals like opening a business, buying a home or going on dream vacation, require a basic method of savings to make it happen. My question is is this verb form correct? Or should it be requires instead? What’s the grammar topic here? Please explain. Answer The subject of this sentence is “Achieving goals”, and … Read more

Use of singular verb with plural noun for one to one mapping?

I think this sentence is incorrect The various plots corresponds to different numerical values of parameters. However, I want to know if there exists a one to one mapping between the parameter value and the corresponding plot, will this sentence make sense or its still wrong? P.S.-can I add respectively in the sentence to denote … Read more

Should the concept of a quantity of objects be considered singular or plural?

My gut says that “Fifteen options is too many” is more correct than “Fifteen options are too many” but I can’t articulate why the subject feels like a singular concept. Which is correct? Answer In brief, this is an example of notional agreement. If you’re thinking of the options as a unit or quote, say … Read more

A minimum of two personnel “are” or “is”?

Which is correct? A minimum of two personnel are required to meet this objective. or A minimum of two personnel is required to meet this objective. Answer Your question relates to a common ‘singular versus plural’ dilemma, where there is a reasonable case for each. 1 A minimum of two personnel are required to …. … Read more

What is the verb agreement for “singular subject OR singular subject THAT”?

I have the following sentence, but I’m not sure if the verb should be conjugated as do or does: … this means moving away from a convoluted collection of Excel spreadsheets or a cumbersome software that do/does not truly lend… Excel spreadsheets and convoluted software both refer to outdated ways of doing things, so they … Read more