What does it mean to `Muse through a document”?

I remember I learned this word “muse” while listening to a vocabulary builder audiobook. I believe it meant “to go through a document very carefully”. I tried to google the meaning of the word but I could not find anything except “a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative … Read more

Formal alternative to “that’ll do”

I use “that’ll do” in circumstances where I acknowledge that something is sufficient. What is a formal alternative for this phrase, that can take place in a formal letter or a conversation ? Context: There’s a party that asked for a couple of screenshots from my PC. I have the screenshots but due to a … Read more

When would one use the word “participance” in place of “participation”?

The Oxford English Dictionary includes three words that all appear to have the same meaning: participation, participance, and participancy. I’m curious if there is a difference between the three. participation n. The process or fact of sharing in an action, sentiment, etc.; (now esp.) active involvement in a matter or event, esp. one in which … Read more

What do you call a girl having big eyes?

I am trying to describe a big-eyed girl. I was not getting a proper phrase in English to describe her eyes. What is the proper one-word phrase for the big-eyed girl in English? The title looks odd when I write ” The Boy who loved big-eyed girl”. Is there some attractive phrase? big-eyed girl ball-eyed … Read more

Increase/increment and decrease/decrement

I know that there are differences between increase and increment and decrease and decrement in general. E.g. increase/decrease can be used as verbs whereas increment/decrement cannot, and increment may not necessarily imply an increase in some contexts (Mathematics). However, I am not aware of any differences in meaning between them when used as a noun … Read more

jersey vs sweater

I checked today the definition of “jersey” in Word Reference dictionary (https://www.wordreference.com/definition/jersey) and found: a close-fitting knitted sweater or shirt I think that the concepts of “sweater” and “jersey” are broader than I knew. For me, a “jersey” is a tight light shirt with short sleeves used for sports, which include the official shirts used … Read more

Word for calling out to a deity in frustration?

Like when Zuko yells at lightning to strike him (but ideally more in the sense of insulting a deity). Imagine standing on top of a cliff during a thunderstorm, clenching your fists and and screaming at the top of your lungs “ARE YOU WITH ME!? WHERE ARE YOU, GOD!?” toward the sky. Kind of like … Read more

Is “girl” a valid synonym for “young woman”?

This question emerged out of a discussion on Mastodon about Ivanka Trump being called a girl, where it was claimed that “girl’ is synonymous with ‘young woman’ in English”. Is this true? Is it sexism if adult women are called “girls”? Answer First, a necessary disclaimer: context and audience matter a lot in what is … Read more