What does “playground” mean in an informatics educational context?

What does “playground” mean when people use this word in articles or tutorials? For example, there is an article with this title: “Kotlin Playground” (Kotlin is a programming language and this is an article for teaching Kotlin) And there is a sample project for teaching a concept with this name: “androidx-savedstate-playground“ A related word I … Read more

Meaning of the verb “to vendor”

Several technical articles write about vendor using it as a verb: https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0518/#configparser quoth: While one could standardize on what Python 3 accepts and simply vendor the backport of the configparser module while https://github.com/sdispater/poetry#installation states Poetry provides a custom installer that will install poetry isolated from the rest of your system by vendorizing its dependencies Both … Read more

In/on prepositions when referring to a front or back-end (computing)

When writing about computing, should I refer to a component in the front-end or on the front-end? For example: It was decided to place the function in the front-end Or should it be It was decided to place the function on the front-end Is it the same preposition for the back-end? I will appreciate any … Read more

What does ‘housing dedicated’ mean in context of microprocessors?

So, recently I came across an article, which reads: With the newer FPGAs housing dedicated processors, it is worth exploring how applications currently implemented solely on ECUs can be virtualized across the two resources FPGA being Field-Programmable Gate Array, if that’s important. And the thing I don’t seem to get is that ‘housing dedicated’ part. … Read more

Meaning of the term “instaciate”/”instatiate” in computer programming

What does this word mean? instaciate, otherwise instatiate It’s not in any of my dictionaries, but there are a few too many occurrences of this word in programming communities and across the Internet for me to believe that these people all really mean “instantiate.” Bonus: Argue for a correct spelling. Answer instantiate, verb in·​stan·​ti·​ate | … Read more