Capitalisation in texts where the title is also a concept that is referred to within the text?

I’m going to use Karpman’s drama triangle as an example for my question because I can’t seem to find any consistency around its capitalisation (although I’ll admit I don’t own the book). Say you have a book, in this example, ‘The Drama Triangle’, and you also refer to the drama triangle within the text because … Read more

A brief history v. the brief history – what explains the difference in function?

I’m puzzling over a difference in sense between two expressions as I’ve seen them in titles of texts. Here they are with examples: A Brief History. Brief modifies history, which here seems to refer to the genre of text being written – history as overview or as a narrative focused on progression over time. It … Read more

“Memoirs” in book title – singular or plural verb?

I’m editing an article about the Battle of Agincourt. The author quotes his source as follows: The Memoires de Pierre de Fenin place the battle “between Maisoncelles and Agincourt”. “Memoires” [memoirs] is obviously plural, but the title refers to a single book. So I’m a little confused over the verb agreement. Pierre de Fenin’s memoirs … Read more

Appropriate Synonym for ‘accelerated’ in thesis title

I have the following thesis title: On the acceleration of X Methods: superfast Y Solver for Z My thesis goal and reached objective is “Improving X and using it into Y, which becomes very fast”. I believe it conveys the major information of my thesis, meaning that I have developed an acceleration protocol for this … Read more

Question marks in titles, in particular those beginning ‘How to …’

I found the following blog title without a question mark from The Hindu site: How to ease Afghanistan’s progress in cricket Is it grammatical, if we don’t put question mark in questions of titles? I think this blog title should have been like this: How to ease Afghanistan’s progress in cricket? I also found the … Read more

Should contractions like “’til” be capitalized in a title?

Should contractions like “’til” be capitalized in a title, when in the middle of a title? What if the “’til” is the first or last word? An example of this is the album “Dog Party – ‘Til You’re Mine” (Spotify capitalization; the album cover has it stylized in lowercase). Answer There is no contraction "’til." … Read more

The simplest way to say “Split Videos Into Segments”

I’ve finished developing app for iOS that’s splits video into multiple continuous segments. Meaning that if i’ll take a video of 35 seconds and choose to split it with 10 sec durations. I’ll get 4 videos: from 0 10 seconds from 10 to 20 seconds from 20 to 30 seconds from 30 to 35 seconds … Read more

‘in” word in title – Should it be written with a capital letter?

I’m developing an iOS app. At one of my screen the titles should be: “4 videos in total” (intentionally lowercased). What would be the right way to write it: 4 Videos In Total 4 Videos in Total 4 videos in total Any help will be highly appreciated! Answer There’s an argument for supporting each stylistic … Read more