When do you use the term “Dialect”?

I’ve heard people use the terms: American English British English Australian English I understand that all of them are English. However, sometimes when people use them, it’s almost like they refer to them as different languages. My question is: Is it proper to call these dialects? Or do we use another term for classification like … Read more

“Webpages” or “Web Pages”?

Sometimes I found it written as “WebPages” and sometimes it is “Web Pages” .. I’m confused should it be written as one word or two words ?! Answer Here is an Ngram chart of "web page" (blue line) versus "web pages" (red line) versus "webpage" (green line) versus "webpages" (yellow line) for the period 1980–2019: … Read more

Is the spelling fundraising, fund-raising or fund raising?

I have seen different spellings for fundraising and would like to know the current best practice. The history of this word/phrase is also of interest to me. Answer Google Books’ Ngram Viewer has some severe limitations in its ability to track hyphenated words—but in the case of fund raising vs. fund-raising vs. fundraising, Ngram’s bad … Read more

Locater vs Locator spelling

I can find references to each in many online dictionaries, but few will reference both of them. So the question remains: What is with the difference in spelling between “Locator” and “Locater”? Is one proper and the other a popular misspelling, or is there a nuanced difference between the two words? (Or, even more interestingly, … Read more

What caused bell peppers to be called capsicums in some countries?

I have read this answer on the question “Why is the word “pepper” used for both capsicum (e.g. bell pepper) and piper (e.g. black pepper)?“, and it contains some useful etymological information. I’ve noticed that what name we call Capsicum annuum by seems to depend on which country we are speaking English in. For example, … Read more

What’s the meaning of “finniky”?

There is this sentence in a letter of Bertrand Russell: Even the absurdities – the thunder and lightning – are big and invigorating after the stifling finniky appropriateness of everything French. I couldn’t find this anywhere. Is it a typo? The following words have similar spelling : finicky, Finnic, finicking (also finikin, finnicking, finnikin). Answer … Read more

Retriable or retryable?

As in “it is possible to try it again”. “Tryable” seems to be the one mostly used online, if you type it in Google. Onelook Dictionary Search only returns an entry for “tryable” from Wordnik, not from any of the major online dictionaries. Which spelling is the correct one for this meaning? Answer In Google … Read more

How are English forms of Irish names used?

I’ve noticed that many Irish people use both their English and Irish versions of the name. For example, Moya Brennan, born Máire Ní Bhraonáin Can someone tell me what is the official status of these 2 different names? Do both the names appear in the passport/ID or just the Irish, thus making the English variation … Read more