Is “stove element” a common name for this object?

I read in a book it’s called a oven stove element, and I used this word. But it might sound formal, is there another more common name for it? If not, what else is it called? Answer In American English, burner is the most common informal name for this item. In British English, I’ve always … Read more

How many words do I know

People are sometimes asked how many English words they know, and I’m also curious about the size of my own vocabulary. One way perhaps is to look at a list of the most frequently used 5000 or 8000 words, pick out the unfamiliar words, then see how much is left. Note, the criteria of the … Read more

What are these flying things called in English?

I saw something flying today. What should I call it in English? Answer bytebuster has the provided the correct term, although I would parenthesize it like this: (hot air) balloon. That is, these objects can simply be called balloons, or hot-air balloons if you want to be more specific. Also, it may be worth noting … Read more

What do I call these things in English?

I use them quite often but I’m not sure what to call them. Their pictures appear in these links. Should I call what is depicted in the first link a water spray bottle or a water sprayer? The picture in the second link is a black thingI put CDs through. Can I call … Read more