Is adj+noun=noun+(which to be) adj?

It was not the action intentional = It was not the action which was intentional = It was not the intentional action. Is 1st sentence right and is it grammatically correct? is the 1st sentence equal to 3rd sentence? Answer As a native English speaker, the first sentence sounds very strange to me. I’m not … Read more

“at the time of”, it should be at the end or at the beginning of the sentence

I’m not a native english speaker, so I have this doubt. For example I have these two sentences: At the time of taking the family picture she was next to her father Or: She was next to her father at the time of taking the family picture or I could write it both ways Answer … Read more

Can we use “a night’s good sleep” instead of “a good night’s sleep”

I know that ” a good night’s sleep” is correct to use, but I wonder that if we were to switch the position of “good”, would it still be grammatically correct? Answer I think the interchangeability (depending on grammatical correctness) of night and good has not yet been proved in this case. However, I can … Read more

Order among a participle, article and noun & about “for”

Reading my logic textbook, I faced the following two sentences, of which I’m kind of confused. (1) For given a formula A in Γ, take n so large that … (2) … in which P1 takes the value i(P1). For let Δ be a finite subset of Γ. Then … In (1), I thought it … Read more

Which is better ‘recent impressive incidents’ or ‘impressive recent incidents’?

When I practiced writing in English, the order between the adjectives were so confusing. I have ever heard that the order of adjectives in the sentence is determined by the meaning of each, but I don’t know this perfectly. I’ll appreciate it if anyone answer this question. Which is better : ‘recent impressive incidents’ or … Read more

OSASCOMP soft warm or warm soft? Does NOSACSCOMP offer the needed guidance?

Winter continues to chill us in Colorado. I enjoy lounging in my warm, soft sleep pants. Or are they soft and warm? I couldn’t figure out which OSASCOMP category warm belongs in. To me, soft seems like a material. I found Adjectives Word Order Woodward English, which adds number and condition to opinion, size, age, … Read more

‘Some’ how to check its usage as a Determiner or as adjective of number

It is said that ‘some’ classifies as an adjective of number and it is also used as a determiner. 1- When ‘some’ is used as an adjective in a sentence, how do we check whether it’s being used as an adjective or a Determiner? Is it that adjective of number can be considered to be … Read more

the order of adjectives in English

I am wondering which phrase sounds more acceptable unconsciously? her curly new Tina Turner bob her new curly Tina Turner bob I personally think 2 sounds better than 1 even though lots of grammar/syntax books say that curly should come before new. What do you think? Answer Both are acceptable I believe, but they of … Read more