What do you call the roads along the coast or borders of a country?

In Portuguese we call it marginal (which I would say relates to the word margin, i.e at the border of something). No result from Google Translate felt as the right answer. We may say for example Vou pela marginal which means I’m going to take the __ road. edit My bad, I posed the question … Read more

The birth rate among/for women?

” The birth rate for women in their 20s in 1993 declined rapidly”. In this example, should I use “among” instead of “for”? Which is more natural? Answer Both prepositions are correct. Probably, as you can see from Google Books, for is more commonly used. From: Preterm Birth: Causes, Consequences, and Prevention: In 2003, women … Read more

“Insignificant” or “unsignificant”?

In my job I test different versions of varying degrees on websites. Basically A vs B, and the results of this test determine which version should be developed. The way a winner is chosen is by looking at the data. We can only take action on statistically significant data. When we talk about results some … Read more

Is it bad English to substitute the word ‘says’ with ‘goes’?

In the Midwest, I notice that some people substitute the word ‘says’ with ‘goes’ and this has always bothered me. For example, I will hear someone say something such as “So my mother goes, “you should drink water instead of soda.”” instead of “So my mother says, “you should drink water instead of soda.””. Is … Read more

Does ‘opine’ have condescending connotations in the context, or is this purely my own subjective reading?

I need to know if ‘opines’ here sounds condescending. In my ears it does, but it may be my individual reading and not objective. To me it sounds like a somewhat old fashioned word, which gives me a feeling that it is being used ironically and in the context somewhat condescendingly. I distrust my instinct … Read more

Word to describe “quick-witted streetchild”

I’m talking of a certain wit that is characteristic of streetboys and streetchildren in general. I’m not sure if streetchildren is the best way to describe these kids. That might not be very common in developed countries, where few people are homeless or deprived of education and other basic rights like how it is the … Read more

The maximum number of active participants HAS exceeded or IS exceeded? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: A number of questions “has been” or “have been” asked? (2 answers) Closed 2 years ago. For the following text: The input shows an invalid red error box if the maximum number of active participants ___ exceeded. What should go in the ___ ? Some options that I can … Read more