Alternative for Criminal Defense Lawyer?

I used to think Devil’s Advocate meant the defense lawyer, though it actually means someone who, given a certain argument, takes a position they do not necessarily agree with, for the sake of debate. My question is, does an idiomatic phrase, or euphemism exist, meaning ‘Defense Lawyer’? Answer They’re all pretty dated slang terms, but … Read more

Single word or brief phrase for “people started using this product due to my presentation”

I want to write about the following achievement in my resume: I made presentations on a certain software X, which led to 10 people deciding to start using it. This is the first draft of my sentence. Presented effective use of software X on Y-type projects, leading to 10 people starting to use it. (X … Read more

Speak and volumes of speaking

When you are speaking to someone and this person is speaking at a low volume and you almost can’t hear it, usually you would ask something like this: Could you please speak louder?. What if the situation is the opposite? The person is speaking too loud and you want it to lower the volume? I … Read more

a word for algebraic symmetry

There is the algebraic expression a+b+c. If we replace under the rule {a->b, b->c, c->a}, the expression is left unchanged. But for expressions like 2a+b+c, the replacement will change the expression. What is the word to describe this kind of symmetry? Thanks Answer The term for it is Cyclic Expressions. I just found a good … Read more

Word for people with free time?

Is there a noun for people who have already completed their work and have free time? They are about to help others in other activities. I thought of idle people/idlers but that word seems to suggest the person it refers to deliberately avoids work. Answer Actually, I think good-old “free” is the best choice, as … Read more