In the given sentence, what is the meaning of shot

Rasheed shot her a sidelong glance. He made a sound between a sigh and a groan, dropped his legs from the table, and turned off the radio. He took it upstairs to his room. He closed the door. Answer In this instance, I believe it should be interpreted as “Looked at, quickly” AttributionSource : Link … Read more

What made “gusto” popular?

Gusto is a foreign term which the English language appears to have borrowed twice: 1620s, “very common from the beginning of the 19th c.” [OED], from Italian gusto “taste,” from Latin gustus “a tasting,” related to gustare “to taste, take a little of.” …. English first borrowed the French form, guste “organ of taste; sense … Read more

Is “weekend warrior” derogatory?

Often in sports I hear of the “professionals” and the “weekend warriors” (people who otherwise have non-sports related jobs and work hard on the weekends to train themselves to participate). I can’t tell if this phrase is meant to be derogatory. Is it meant to mean “these people are warriors who, on top of everything, … Read more

What’s the difference between index and indicator?

My phrase is: “The main (indexes / indicators) of regional development”. Which noun should I use? I have searched for any difference in their meanings on the Internet, but didn’t find anything certain. From my point of view (and I suppose it may be totally wrong), an indicator is something what tells us about the … Read more