“seek” without preposition sounds weird

I am writing the following sentence (I made it shorter for this question): To achieve a better bound, we seek graphs with the following property. I read that using the phrase “seek for” is not recommended or even incorrect. Is my sentence OK? Thank you Answer Your sentence is OK. Seek takes a direct object. … Read more

Appropriate word order in a long sentence

I composed the below sentences to mean The company should contribute to the sustainability by: Proactive development of environmentally friendly products Reducing environmental load Which sentence from the below mean the above more correctly? Example 1 The company should contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by reducing and lowering environmental loads in each … Read more

Academic writing: enumerating properties of which several may apply

In an academic paper I currently say the following: State-of-the-art research tackles parts of the problem: security and multi-tenancy solutions exist but require hardware, do not meet shared use security concerns or are not applicable to constrained devices. What I intend to convey is that these solutions either: require possible hardware and/or not meet shared-use … Read more

How to reconstruct a sentence to avoid words like but, yet, still, although and though?

I often find difficult to avoid those words. It’d be fine in articles, essays, etc if it was only because of the repetitiveness, there are three words or more for it, but in longer texts, like novels, it’s hard for me to go on pages without thinking my sentences don’t vary much in its structure. … Read more

Usage of “is” in messages

Which among the two below is correct? Usage Data unavailable. OR Usage Data is unavailable. Answer Both are correct, mainly. Data is the plural of Datum, a single piece of information, so technically speaking the second line would be more accurately stated “Usage Data are unavailable”, but to all intents and purposes, no one uses … Read more

What’s the best way to solve this run on sentence (lots of “and”s)?

I have to change a description for something in our app, and I was given this sentence: Create, edit and delete camera assignments and camera and DVR settings. Now the lack of an Oxford comma is obviously going to need to be updated, but I’m having some trouble with the subject of the sentence. camera … Read more

How to ensure clarity in long sentences

I wasn’t sure how to phrase the title more precisely, so I welcome suggestions or edits. Companies spend 65% of their profits on buying back their shares because CEOs are incentivised to jack up the share price of their stocks through hefty bonuses. Here’s my question: often when I’m writing a sentence like the above, … Read more

Writing style guidelines on gerund (ab)use

In novel writing, there is general advice not to use gerunds (i.e. verb forms ending with -ing). In general, that makes sense. "She was going to the store" -> "She went to the store". It’s shorter and more immediate. However, it has an implication of simultaneous action rather than sequential action and so I often … Read more