Talking at irregular intervals

One of my friend speaks sporadically (that is, not often) to me.
How to express this in correct tense and words.
How to ask him about this.

“Why you are talking sporadically to me?” is this correct

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My answer is now edited according to the comments below. Thank you.

First of all, the sentence as you put it seems somehow unnatural. Better would be to reformulate it (using negative and plural) to something like:

Why don’t we speak (to each other) more often/more regularly?

If you would insist on your structure (using positive), the better way would be to use present simple tense:

Why do you so rarely talk to me?

where you can replace the word rarely with other words here suggested such as: “occasionally” or yours “sporadically”.

In general, your sentence is grammatically correct, but it is not the way native speaker would say it.

Source : Link , Question Author : krishna , Answer Author : MasterPJ

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