“taxwise,” “tax wise,” or “tax-wise”

What should be the correct spelling for “-wise” combinations in adverbial coinages like “sportswise,” “weatherwise,” “businesswise, “saleswise,” “taxwise,” etc.?

Should it be “NOUN wise,” “NOUN-wise,” or “NOUNwise”?

I’d instinctively go with the “NOUNwise” spelling but my spellchecker says it’s wrong and suggests both “NOUN wise” and “NOUN-wise” as alternatives.


A suffixal use of wise in adverbs denoting manner, position, direction, reference, etc.: clockwise; edgewise; marketwise; timewise.

usage: The suffix -wise is old in the language in adverbs referring to manner, direction, etc.: crosswise; lengthwise. Coinages like marketwise, saleswise, and weatherwise are often criticized, perhaps because of their association with the news and entertainment media: Moneywise, as they were already saying in the motion-picture industry, Hollywood was at its peak. This suffix should not be confused with the adjective wise, which appears in such compounds as streetwise and worldly-wise.
Random House Kernerman Webster’s College Dictionary


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Two or more words that collectively act as an adjective should be hyphenated when they appear immediately before the noun they modify. This helps prevent misreading.

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