“tear apart” or “rip apart” packaging?

What’s the best verb to express that I opened the packaging of a product by tearing it off?

Tear apart the packaging? Rip the packaging? Or is there any better verb or phrase to be used?


If you don’t intend to say that you opened the package rather savagely, I would suggest using “tore open the package“.


I tore open the package only to be disappointed by what I found inside.

The choice of the phrase “rip apart” suggests the package was opened in a fierce and savage manner, probably destroying the packing material in the process.


I had been waiting for the package to arrive all week and ripped the cover apart as soon as I got my hands on it.

As an added note I would like to mention that both the choices do suggest that the packing material/wrapper was damaged during unpacking. However, “cutting open” the package would mean that the entire operation was carried out in a sophisticated and careful manner.

Source : Link , Question Author : user110 , Answer Author : Sayan

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