Term for a joke with a missing punchline

What do you call a joke that has a punchline which as been emphatically implied through omission, as in…

[Comedian peeling banana, saying…]

"one skin, two skin, three skin, (pregnant pause)…five skin"

[…arch look and lifted eyebrows]

Benny Hill used to do a lot of this, and I am trying find a name for it.
I have looked up types and classes of jokes, but cannot find a definition for it.


Thanks to Mobitela Fonia’s answer, and (now it seems) to K J’s comment, I was able to track down a definition at the same source which pretty much gave the best answer.

Stealth pun

The writers put in a joke (almost always a pun), but never make or put in a Punch Line or explicit statement, hiding it in the set up of the joke. Some percentage of the audience will “get” the joke, but the rest will know it was there and be going, “What? Why didn’t you say it?” There can be several reasons.

1) It’s naughty or otherwise not appropriate for this timeslot, in which case this serves the same purpose as a Last-Second Word Swap.

-TV Tropes

Source : Link , Question Author : Cascabel_StandWithUkraine , Answer Author : Cascabel_StandWithUkraine

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