Term for creating a fantasy word from all letters of two existing words?

If I have two words – let’s say “lamp” and “vampire” and I put all of their letters together to form a new fantasy word. e.g. “vapamlimper” does this process have a name?

I already considered terms like portmanteau or blend word but they don’t quite hit the spot.

This is also not a pure neologism as there is an additional rule to it (must be all letters of two existing words).


The National Puzzlers’ League maintains a guide to wordplay terminology that has a few terms that might be useful. Some of these terms are commonly used, and others were coined by NPL members.

  • transposal is any rearrangement of letters from a word or phrase to another word or phrase
  • anagram, as defined by NPL, is a transposal where one arrangement forms a clue or description of the second arrangement. NPL imposes some additional rules for good anagrams; these are at the link.
  • alternade would work, if your single word were formed by taking one letter at a time from each of the source words in order, e.g. HAT + ERS = HEARTS.
  • rebade is a variation of the alternade that is also a rebus
  • interlock is like an alternade, except the source words don’t have to be the same length
  • transade would work, if your single word were formed by transposing each of your source words separately and then appending them together, e.g. ASH + REV = SHAVER.
  • alterposal is like an alternade where the source words are transposed first
  • transinterlock is like an interlock where one of the the source words is transposed first

Given these definitions, the example you have given, LAMP + VAMPIRE = VAPAMLIMPER, is merely a transposal, and since it is a protologism rather than a neologism, I would call it a transposal protologism or a protologistic transposal.

You could combine your source words using the more restrictive rules for one of the specific transposals to make things more interesting. For example, LAMP + VAMPIRE = VAMLAPIMPRE would be a protologistic interlock. LAMP + VAMPIRE = VAMMAPPIREL would be a protologistic transinterlock.

Source : Link , Question Author : Oliver Bestwalter , Answer Author : shoover

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